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11 March, 2022

Call Air Conditioner Repair Experts If You Notice These Signs

As we all know, the summers are quite hot and humid in the state of Texas. Without a properly functioning air conditioner, a Texan’s life can become extremely uncomfortable. That is why it is essential to keep your air conditioner in top condition as summer months approach. In this blog, we will tell you some signs that indicate your air conditioner needs some repair. What are those signs? Let’s find out.

Warm Or Hot Air

You should take a look at the thermostat if warm air comes out of the vents. It should be set to cooling mode and make sure the temperature is set lower than your house’s current temperature. If the air is still warm, it could be that restricted airflow or an issue in the compressor might be responsible. If the warm air persists, you should call air conditioning experts to check the issue.

Poor Airflow

One of the most obvious signs of trouble in your air conditioner is poor airflow. There can be several reasons behind this trouble. Usually, a blockage impedes the air from freely moving through the ductwork. It could be that the air filter is clogged or the motor is broken. Keep in mind the cause could be something serious as well. If the airflow remains insufficient, needless to say your house will not cool quickly.

Recurring Cycles

It is normal for air conditioners to go through routine cooling cycles irrespective of the weather. Yes, it is true that an air conditioner’s cooling system switches on more during the hottest days of summer, but it is not good for the system to turn on and off constantly. If your cooling system is experiencing frequent cycles, you should get in touch with air conditioning experts immediately. In most cases, a simple tune-up will fix the issue; however, in some cases, frequent cycling points toward the need of a new air conditioner.

Water Leakage

As you might be aware, air conditioner depends on refrigerant to produce cool air. While cooling your home, it produces condensation as well. However, a properly functioning cooling system will not leak these liquids in your house. If you can notice an active leak close to the air conditioner or presence of pooled water, it is a clear sign that your air conditioner is not functioning correctly. We will strongly advice you to not ignore water leakage signs in your air conditioner as leaks are known for causing structural damage to houses.

Apart from the above-mentioned signs, other signs of concern include bad odors, unusual noises, and high humidity in the house. If notice any of these signs, you should get in touch with Priority AC & Heat. We are a family owned and operated heating and AC company in Houston that is known for quality air conditioning repair and heating service. You can contact us for air conditioning maintenance, installation, and repair. We also do heat pump, furnace, and ductless mini-split maintenance, installation, and repair.

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